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Of Dogs and Book Covers (8/19/2016) - I loved writing the abandoned dog character in the first book of my cozy mystery series, All the Old Lions. I now wish he’d had a spot on the book’s cover. He’s not a main character in the story but he has an important part to play in the plot, even becoming a hero of […]
The Best Part About Writing (11/21/2015) - Originally posted on C. E. Lawrence/Carole Buggé BLOG One of the things I’ve liked the most about writing fiction is being able to write about experiences that have thrilled me, and ideas I want to share. Twisting them into stories to entertain readers then becomes a challenge that has meaning, and is also quite a […]
Welcome to my blog! (10/27/2015) - Welcome to my new blog! I’ll be posting here occasionally, so be please be sure to check back or subscribe.