Dead in Hog Heaven

Dead in Hog Heaven is the third book in the Thea Barlow Mystery series.  When Thea Barlow visits the ruins of a notorious 1850s roadhouse at Hog Heaven, Wyoming, she has no idea she is opening a Pandora’s Box of violence, deceit, and greed that will threaten her very existence.

Passions rise to to a fever pitch in the rivalries between the towns of Hog Heaven, population seven, and its slightly more prosperous neighbor, Garnet Pass. But when Thea is discovered standing over the body of a prominent citizen with a bloody knife in her hand, she not only becomes the focus of all the rage and frustration boiling through the community, but the target of ruthless agents promoting their own megabuck scheme.

Among those opposing her are a young mayor struggling to attract New Age enterprises into the area; an Old West reenactor, certain his Mountain Man Rendezvous is the answer to all problems; the Bodies, owners of Hog Heaven, who are willing to snatch fortune wherever they can find it; and a chicken with a murderous heart.

Thea fights to untangle the lies and survive the treachery in order to clear her name and stay alive.

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