Carol Caverly - Author of the Thea Barlow Mysteries
Carol Caverly

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Carol’s books have been selections in the Detective Book Club.

Caverly, Carol - Thea Barlow Series - -Book 1 - R2 - All the Old Lions“Carol Caverly gives us zestily drawn characters, an on-target description of small town Wyoming and a multitude of surprises to keep the reader turning the pages. All the Old Lions is a winner!”
– Diane Mott Davidson
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Caverly, Carol - Thea Barlow Series - -Book 2 - R2 - Frogsking and Mutton...“Caverly’s second effort, Frogskin and Muttonfat is a gem! The author blends Old West and New with humor, lore and an admirable, entertaining heroine for a different read.”
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Caverly, Carol - Thea Barlow Series - -Book 3 - R3 - Dead in Hog Heaven“Caverly’s Dead In Hog Heaven features plenty of action, a bold plot, and memorable characters–including one mean pet chicken.”
Library Journal“Fast-paced action and snappy dialogue characterize Caverly’s Dead In Hog Heaven.”
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