Death by Doodlebug

Caverly, Carol - Thea Barlow Series - -Book #4 "Death by Doodlebug" Available NowDeath by Doodlebug is the fourth book in the Thea Barlow Mystery series.

When Thea Barlow is left at the altar by her fiancĂ©, Max, everyone, including the police, thinks she’s been jilted.

Thea’s the only one who believes in Max, and she’s determined to discover what happened to him. A note left on her door sends Thea and her best friend searching for a gold dredge known as a “doodlebug.”

The doodlebug is the beginning piece of the puzzle. The remaining puzzle pieces lead to family secrets, hidden gold, and violent prospectors.

When bodies start to appear, fear dominates every turn on a path to an explosive finish.

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